Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh well haven't been posting much...havent been in the mood. Too much has transpired in the last 7 months to write bout...not to mention it'll be boring. To cut it short, i went back to malaysia for 7 weeks in january, bought a heap o stuff (went back with 30kgs between me and mum, came back with 60).

Uni in the intervening months...results came back i got 3 high credits and 1 pass. damn u maths!!. 74 for one of the couldnt just nudge it up to 75 could bastards...

On to the holidays dat unfortunately just and friends went to bendalong where we had an admittedly fun time....until everyone got sick...damn you Nick! And I turned 20....Sigh....2 decades old...ah well at least i'm not alone!


And here are some of the pictures from my phone from the trip away...Bel still hasnt sent me hers yet :D

PS2ing with a hangover

Lol...That birds claws hurt!

Bird Lady Vicky

Kangaroo family...

Chris isn't cold...even though it was like 15...

We had possum piss flavoured bacon the next morning

The group photo...notice matt still in pajamas

Watch where that hand's going Nick...

Our living room

Me and Bel

Nick my Leb brother

The Lake...can't remember what it's called, but its passable at low tide

Mat and Me

Yea thats right, walk away...

Clean beach...unlike those in malaysia xD

Pan cool?

20 scoops of ice cream of every flavour...

Nick got conquered by the ice creams

I think they regretted it later on...Except Matt...the fat whore xD (psst is it only me or does Matt look like he's wearing pajamas too?)

Strip tease Nick!

Bel, Vicky, Me...on our trip home!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hmmmm hiya everybody again. Havent posted much, obviously. Just had a sudden urging to blog again. Thanks to Tjinz. After seeing his blog XD. Meh post more soon...too late to post now ahahha. Well not really late but....i have uni in the morning >_>. Lataz

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here's the pics from wednesday night. None of them of that old hag. Once again thanks to Mich for taking time outta her busy PA schedule to upload them XD *Wubs*

Looks like they're all trying to lift Michelle

Drunken Lust? XD

Great shot of Matt...I think

Camera Shy?

Aftereffects of alcohol....Rush of blood to the head

Our little table

I swear its not what it looks like

Man you two have very distended tongues :D

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hmmmm havent posted...been a bit forgetful to post. ERrrrr lemme see wat happened. I got my P's...yay. Yeah a bit late but oh well. I also got a new computer. Wont bore you with the specs but its not been switched off for the past week and a half.....dling spree!! And yes according to Duck its lalafied coz of the blue lights....but it came with the case.... i wasnt gonna ditch it coz it was blue >_> Anyway it took about a day to install and co ordinate everything (never use zone alarm if you can help it...its a crazy mofo program) and now it runs so smoothly :D

Duck came last weekend, to steal dota from me. tsk tsk. He looked so dejected standing alone on train station....Sorry i was late :P Anyway yeah we dotaed all weekend long....and his crappy msn has problems with my network. Oh well it was fun anyway. Took him to the beach for his promised fish and chips. Hope u liked it. If u want any better u can go to manly urself. i aint gonna drive u there XD.

And last nite....Well it was FUN! Highlight of the week! It started out as planned. Met Michelle, Devi and Richards at Darling Harbour. Flo couldnt make it tho. sucks. We went to eat dinner at some chinese restaurant that was promoting stuff on the wrong day. Oh well. It also had this funky crazy dance floor with old people dancing. Weird. We went round darling harbour in search of clubs, but there wasnt much was only 8ish. We went to a lounge and drank some cocktail thingies (never drink long horn ice tastes like lemons but 10x worst). Went to pontoon after that, where we danced and drank.....a lot. I must have spent like 50 bux on drinks. Ah well. Well the whole nite went good up until a 40 year old woman came to our group and started dancing with us. Me and my friends didnt say anything at first.....and then she started to dirty dance me. Ma de......dirty dancing a person half her age. Wtf. And then she tried to KISS ME! Cibai....wat da heck old woman.....anyway i sorta left her alone and walked back to where some of my frens were sitting. Mahainess. Ruin my nite nia. Somemore my friends laughed at me >_> thanks guys <_<. We left the club after that and made our way to a bottle shop where Michelle and Devi bought....errrrr....alcoholic drinks (i wont mention what kind...people might take it the wrong way) We caught the train back to my house, and we were singing all the way back. like almost every song we could remember. What is it with alcohol and singing? I'm pretty sure the other occupant of the train was kinda angry at us, since he was trying to sleep. Blegh too bad for j00. Coming home, Michelle was kinda cold cause she was wearin short shorts and thongs...(no idea wat possessed her to wear those kinda things to a club at night) We didnt sleep all night. We just zombied in front of You, Me and Dupree and Miami Vice(not recommended ever). Oh we cooked pizza and some dim sums. Richards sorta drenched his dim sum with his alcohol. And ate it. It was...disgusting. He almost puked.....but at least i was ready with a bucket :D. We went to McDonalds for breakfast tho, after 30 mins of worrying whether i had alcohol left in my blood. You know australia and RBT's and those craps. Pictures coming soon as Michelle uploads.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sorry forgot to include a pic of the room.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmmm holidays are soooooo boring when everyone's got work or some other stuff to do on different days. Makes it so hard to co-ordinate stuff. But oh well, at least no stress from exams or uni work. Went to the city last Sunday (sorry for the late update), and had a fun time dotaing with Devi, Will and Cell. Admit it guys it was fun! And so we caught the bus to Baulkham Hills to meet Mich, who didn't show up for dinner. (I shall end comment bout that here, I might get hexed with rabbit ears or something tomorrow if i continue). Mich came later for the movie. Saw 3. What can i say, gruesome, horrifying, gory, bloody, twisty...especially after we just had dinner. I think Will almost saw my dinner during the *Spoilers ahead*......................................brain surgery part. That was the worst part in my opinion, cause i hate icky parts like that. Blood and gore i can deal with....cutting someones brain open.....>_> I think we got harsh looks from the other audience members cause of our continued laughters and whisperings. It didnt really help when Mich shouted before the movie to someone 10 rows in front somewhere. :D:D

After that we roamed Baulkham Hills to Will's house to get his gamecube, I say roam cause Mich got lost....XD. We went back to Devi's set everything up and realised......Will didn't bring his memory card....IDIOT! :P Poor Mich had to drive all the way back to get the card. Ah well cruising the back streets of Baulkham Hills in the freezing night at 1 am is fun. Really. XD. And we played GC, ps2 and worms armageddon till 5ish, whereby we watched the family guy dvd till 6ish. We went shopping for breakfast at 10 our...pajamas. We're not hobbos. I cant vouch for Devi, cause he WAS wearing the nipple shirt. =) And that was Monday.

Oh wait great news! My new room is like the best ever. Everyone who came in wanted to steal my room. Bwahahhaha I ROCK! Im not arrogant or nething O_O. Its just that im so happy that the room is like bigger, better, and everythings where i want them! Woots! Even my brother wanted to move back into the room when he saw what i did to it. XD The week passed by slowly, as it often does cause of boredom. I bought Dirge of Cerberus and that was fun. But there's only so much you can play on the ps2 before it gets extremely boring, no matter the game. I have to wait till december the 4th for the STPMers to finish. Good luck guys :D

Friday, November 17, 2006

Weeee Mich posted the pictures from King's Cross. Here they are....sorry it's a bit late

At Maccas

....Typical Mich

Devi Vs. Jason

Devi's first experience at Kings X, and he's already picking up hookers

This was what we came for

The author of that graffitti (stencilling in michelles words)...He got paid to do that...>_>

Lost for words...I put it here cause Mich wanted more embarrasin pics of me then her

Bus ride home

Notice the same facial expression of Devi...Botox!

Ok this is like a bonus pic for Devi...just to confirm his womanliness xD
O_o o_O
Yeah its been a while since the blog updated. Been a bit busy...but the best things is...


WOOTS! NO more tests!

Now i just gotta hope i pass them all. Not much news at the moment, its only been the first day after the test. Oh i went to Jo's 18th on saturday. Yeah during the exam period. So what...spank me. anyway it was pretty fun, Jo got absolutely smashed..but 30 drinks or so in about 4 hours does that to anyone i think. I didn't drink that much, mainly cause i needed my head screwed straight on Sunday to continue studying......stupid Physics.

Hmmm yeah now today i failed my P's test. Let's not go there. Ever. Again. On to brighter news, my brother and cousin is moving out! HOW COOL! I have the house to myself! MYSELF! well excepting the parents, grandmother and aunt. But grandmother and aunt will be gone within a few short months, and then the house will be mine! Bwahahaha! :D Ok im going a bit crazy here, but who wouldnt? Anyway more blogging soon, hopefully, with more pics as well....Michelle..... >_>